Thread Management and other CLR TidBits

Every month, the CLR team gives us insight into the core of managed code, .NET programming best practices, technologies underlying the CLR and .NET Framework, and other tips and suggestions.

In the December 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine, Erika Fuentes and Eric Eilebrecht cover some common issues developers encounter when tuning multithreaded managed code, particularly in multiprocessor hardware. They also describe how future changes in the ThreadPool should deal with some of these issues.

Catching up with previous issues, in the November 2008 issue, Melitta Andersen discussed building world-ready applications for Silverlight and Windows.

And in the October 2008 issue, Andrew Dai explained how the code access security (CAS) Transparency model works in Silverlight, and what you can expect to see from it in the future.

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