A Quick Update on the New Download System and beta improvements

A quick update on my last post notifying users that we temporarily switched back to the old download system. After a lot of testing this week we think we have identified the issues we were experiencing and will be testing some prototype code this weekend. We don't yet have a date on when we can switch back to the super-fact Azure ECN but it should be soon. There will be additional tweaking we can do to crank the speed up by several magnitudes that all revolves in improved optimization of caching algorithms. 

Many users will also have now noticed some updates from a beta refresh deployment that went live yesterday. As well as making the beta option available to several hundred thousand more subscribers there are many UX enhancements and a few UX bugs now fixed.  

We are hearing load and clear that many people really miss the product categories in the new experience and we are listening and want to see clearer product definitions. We are digesting the feedback and will make improvements based on feedback so please keep it coming (praise or constructive feedback). 

Enjoy the weekend!