New Subscriptions RSS Feeds!

Today the Subscriptions team is launching new RSS feeds for newly posted items in MSDN, TechNet, and Expression Subscriptions. These new feeds are always up to date, updated programmatically when new products are added to Subscriber Downloads. The new feeds are also language specific, now you can sign up for one feed for each language of products you’re interested in, and ignore the rest.


If you have subscribed to the previous RSS feeds, you should see some new items in the feed that say “MSDN Subscriber Downloads RSS has moved - click this item to see the new <language> Downloads.” Go ahead and click on the items that have the languages you are interested in and then subscribe to those new RSS feeds in your favorite reader.


Note: The old feed will no longer be updated. You must subscribe to one of the new feeds to continue recieving updates.


These RSS feeds are also available on the subscriptions homepage and on the downloads page under ‘New MSDN Downloads’ or ‘New TechNet Downloads.’ 


Don’t see these links in your language? If you visit the MSDN Subscriptions homepage, and you don’t see the RSS links for your language, you can still get an RSS feed. Just take the English RSS url, and swap out the ‘en-us’ language/locale combination with the one from your homepage. So if you’re in Norway, you see the homepage as Copy the ‘nb-no’ and paste it over the ‘en-us’ in the English RSS url ( to create


Try them out!