How to download MSDN Webcasts in Live Meeting 2005

Our new live meeting conference center lets you download the webcasts for offline viewing. So if your company doesn't allow streaming media, you can download them and view the offline. If you're on an airplane or waiting someplace, you can whip our your trusty Portable Media Center, or laptop and watch a webcast, build your developer skills and get a better job where they do want to train you and let you watch webcasts.

With the new release of Live Meeting 2005, you can now download webcasts for offline viewing. I know this took us some time, but it's we finally got this working in the product. When you go to view the ondemand webcast in Live Meeting 2005, you’ll see the option to download the webcast recording for offline viewing.

You’ll also see instructions on installing the Live Meeting wrapper. I recommend you install it so you can see the upcoming slides and move around the webcast recording as needed. You’ll need to download, install, and yes, reboot. Sorry about the reboot.