Federal Complex Event Processing Applications

SQL 2008 R2 comes with a new technology called StreamInsight.  StreamInsight is a development platform that allows you to develop complex event processing applications.  Its .NET Framework-based architecture allows you query high-throughput event streams as they happen without the need to store that data.  Typical uses for StreamInsight include manufacturing applications, financial trading applications, web and operational analysis applications.  Given that these are mostly civilian oriented applications how can we utilize StreamInsight in the Federal domain?

There are certain problems that lend themselves to complex event processing in the government.  One example would be to use StreamInsight to monitor trading activity on the exchanges to look for certain patterns or anomalies.  Another would be to correlate sensor data to detect intrusions both physical and digital from multiple sources.  You could use StreamInsight to track assets in the theater of war such as UAVs, ground based assets, etc.  These are but a few examples of StreamInsight solutions in the government space.  In future blog posts I will explore some of these solutions in more detail.

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