Tracking UAVs with StreamInsight

Here is an interesting scenario:  You are monitoring UAVs in a particular region and you get some intel that correlates to a sector you want to investigate.  How do you paint the target?  How do you find out which UAV is closest to the target?  How do you track all of the UAVs in the region?  How do you get a count of all of the UAVs that are engaged in region?

StreamInsight is a Complex Event Process application that allows you to take streams of data and query it and then output the results.  We could write a WPF application that takes the UAV data as input streams, StreamInsight queries to answer our questions, and use Bing Maps as our presentation layer to output the results.  In this case we could write an adapter to capture the UAV location data such as GPS coordinates, speed, altitude, etc.  Once we have this data streaming in we can write queries against it such as where are all of the UAVs.  Using SQL Geography we can then start to incorporate geospatial functions to give us all of the UAVs in a particular region and which one is closest to the target.  We could then write an output adapter to plot these results on a map using the Bing Maps api.  Using XAML we could write a quick gui interface for our app to surface the query data.

This is just an idea of what StreamInsight can do.  Using StreamInsight in combination with other technologies can really add value to Intelligence oriented applications.