Shaping up with Kinect in 14 days - Day 3

This workout was a little easier, so maybe my body is getting into the rhythm of things, or it’s just past the point of hurting anymore Winking smile

I started my workout today with some fitness classes, including Cardio Boxing (which I love btw!) and some Zen (Yoga).

After burning 167 calories in those two classes,  I decided to switch gears a little and play some of the gym games, which burned another 45 calories):

  • Virtual Smash, which is smashing blocks by punching and kicking (so far my best score is 1307).
  • Stack em up – think of it kind of like Tetris, except the blocks fall onto a platform and you need to keep it level and stop the blocks falling off before you have a chance to dump them into the pits on either side. The trick is to stack as many as you can before you dump them for maximum points.
  • Light em up – Basically you stand inside a circle and move your feet to press the currently lit section.

Calories burned: 212
Total Calories burned since day 1: 508

A couple of notes:

  • I’m really trying to vary the workout daily, both to have a more effective workout and also keep me interested and having fun.
  • I was just informed by my wife that we have a date night tonight, so I may not get a chance to either workout or post tonight. If not, rest assured I’ll make it up either tomorrow with two workouts, or I’ll add a day onto the end of the 14 days – either way, I will definitively be doing 14 workouts Smile