Announcing: Ingenuity Point’s Round 2 Winners

On Earth Day, it’s only appropriate to announce the 2nd Round winners of the Ingenuity Point contest. Around the world, awareness of the challenges we face as a global community are taking center stage. Problems and solutions are brought to the forefront to inspire, create change, and make the world a better place.

The purpose of The Ingenuity Point competition is to recognize innovative independent software vendors (ISVs) which are developing inspirational software solutions that improve people’s lives and the planet in the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Education and Healthcare. So, it is with great honor that Microsoft announces three second-round winners of The Ingenuity Point Contest: Green Building Studio, Agilix Labs, and Lebab Systems.

  • Environmental Sustainability - Green Building Studio, Inc. of Santa Rosa, California, developed a web-based service that gives architects and other building industry professionals an intuitive way to take a building design from carbon-positive to carbon-neutral in a matter of minutes versus weeks.
  • Education - Agilix Labs of Orem, Utah, developed its GoCourse solution to enable educators to meet the diverse learning needs of students and keep them engaged. The solution provides media-rich learning content to students and provides teachers with progressive tools for content delivery, grading and monitoring student progress -whether online or offline.
  • Healthcare - Lebab Systems, Inc. of Madrid, Spain, developed a solution to help patients and medical staff communicate effectively with each other even though they speak different languages. The program combines text with sound, allowing doctors to ask questions while patients can read and listen to them in their own language.

These three companies join the Ingenuity Point winners from round one of the competition — OSIsoft Inc., TR Control Solutions, and Tobii Technology — as ISVs that have made a noteworthy contribution in fundamental areas such as increasing literacy, improving healthcare and taking care of the environment. To learn more about their solutions and the technologies they use in their development environment just visit the Ingenuity Point.

What’s next and how can you participate?

Now that six winners from both Round 1 and Round 2 have been selected, Microsoft will select an overall winner who will be announced in May.

If you have an innovative solution that is solving challenges in the areas of the Environment, Healthcare or Education, please let us know. We’re continually looking for innovative and inspiring solutions.

Happy Earth Day!

Susan Tellep

The Ingenuity Point Program Manager


If you have a solution in healthcare, education or the environment to share with the world, I invite you to tell us by entering your solution at The Ingenuity Point .