Developer “How-Do-I” Videos for Azure, Live Services, .NET Services and (coming soon) SQL Services

imageWe just discovered this great resource for “How Do I” videos on Microsoft latest technology developments.  The first 9 of 40 planned videos about Azure are now published here.

These are the first comprehensive set of HDI’s on the entire Azure Services Platform which will allow you to see the Azure Services Platform in action without the CTP.  Its an easy way to take action and absorb thoughtful technical information to get you up to speed quickly at no cost.

Don’t be left behind because the fact is developers have downloaded a whopping 3.7 million HDIs from MSDN as of Nov FY09!  Its a YouTube style of learning that everyone loves.  So what are you waiting for, visit the overall HDI landing page regularly and sign up for the RSS feeds.  You may also sign up for future notices about upcoming content (including HDIs) by clicking here.

You may also get the Azure SDK from here.

Windows Azure "How Do I" Videos

#1 | How Do I: Deploy a Windows Azure Application?
(7 Minutes 24 seconds)

#2 | How Do I: Get Started Developing on Windows Azure?
(5 Minutes 29 seconds)

#3 | How Do I: Store Blobs in Windows Azure Storage?
(20 Minutes 24 seconds)

#4 | How Do I: Leverage Queues in Windows Azure?
(12 Minutes 0 seconds)

#5 | Debugging Tips for Windows Azure Applications
(7 Minutes 24 seconds)

You’ll need to become part of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) by signing up in order to start coding and try out the Live Framework.  If you want to request access to the CTP, go to the site to sign up for access tokens.  Note, SDS and .NET services access is more broadly available than Windows Azure and Live Services today, so be patient, but get in the queue!

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