Intuit and Microsoft Windows Azure Update Announcement (Why Partnerships Begin with the Letter S)

When I first blogged about the Intuit and Microsoft Cloud Partnership in January 2010, I am pleased to share that we have further expanded on our partnership. For more details, check out Intuit's Alex Chriss's updated announcement.


Greetings, my name is Liz Ngo, from the Global ISV Group at Microsoft Corporation.  Today marks an exciting moment for Microsoft and our partnership with Intuit Inc.  I hope many of you have read today’s announcement regarding:


  “Intuit and Microsoft Joining Forces to Deliver Web Applications to Millions of Small Businesses.”

As such, I am sure there are many questions, one of which could be “Why did Intuit and Microsoft choose to partner?”   Just as there are many ways to express “Thank You” in all the world languages (again, thank you Intuit), there are equally a myriad of ways to define the term “Partnership” .   Whether you are two individuals or two corporations, the decision to enter into such a relationship does not come easily. Then again, the best things in life rarely do.  Prior to reaching this decision, there are common linkages that both companies needed to consider:


  • Alignment in important decisions such approach and direction (ideally due north) as companies grow; while industries shifts and economic conditions change.

Software plus Services and Cloud Services

Sharing and Side by Side

  • Both companies are unified in the belief that exchanging ideas and new concepts; while working collaboratively will result in the generation of value and growth for both companies along with the partners and developers in our ecosystem.

Small Businesses

  • Both companies fundamentally believe that with the changing economic landscape, our millions of small business customers will need (more than ever) new services and a greater support infrastructure from companies that they entrusted and invested in over the years. We look forward to continually serving these important customers

Services and Solutions

  • By combining our vast ecosystem of more than 750,000 development firms and channel partners, both companies are well positioned  to reach the market more quickly and provide a greater diversity of offerings and services to over 27 million important small business customers.

One final note, as there are many ways to express partnerships and say thank you, our teams at Microsoft also wanted to extend in every way a big  “WELCOME!” to Intuit’s developer and channel community. Here’s to great partnering and success ahead!

Liz Ngo

Sr. Business Development Manager

Global ISV Group

Microsoft Corporation