Microsoft Celebrates Data Privacy Day Worldwide

In 2007, the  Council of Europe established January 28 as “Data Protection Day,” to increase awareness of privacy and data protection issues among consumers, organizations and government.   Last year  the United States and Canada joined Europe to celebrate “Data Privacy Day.” This year, Microsoft and other members of industry are sponsoring a number of events for Data Privacy Day.


United States event. In the U.S., Microsoft will hosting a signature event, titled “My Privacy: Safely Navigating Life Online,” at the San Francisco Public Library.  The event will feature a panel discussion among industry experts, consumer advocates, and policymakers and will include a video documentary showing how three generations of people approach online privacy issues. Light refreshments will be served.

Panelists include:

  • Peter Cullen, Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Strategist
  • Hemanshu Nigam, MySpace Chief Security Officer
  • Joanne McNabb, California Privacy Chief
  • Jim Dempsey, Center for Democracy and Technology’s Vice President for Public Policy
  • Brittany Bacon, youth perspective

Brussels Event.   Brussels, Belgium will be the location of Data Protection Day celebration sponsored by Microsoft and European Schoolnet.  The event will feature privacy officials, as well as a “Surf the net – think Privacy” video competition by young people.

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David Burt

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing | http://twc