Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 RC 1

Monday, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 RC1 which you can download hereimage

Why bother? Well, here are a few thoughts:

  • In PC World, Preston Gralla wrote:  “The just-released Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of Internet Explorer 8 is a fast, stable browser, tweaked for productivity and security, with few obvious changes over the previous Beta 2 release .”
  • In another article, he also wrote:  “It offers a well-thought-out set of features that makes Web browsing faster and more intuitive, including more intelligent tabs, a much improved Address Bar, and new tools designed to deliver information from other Web pages and services. The beta has other new features as well, including those that improve privacy and security.”
  • In CIO magazine, Elizabeth Montalbano wrote about the features which will prevent “clickjacking”:  “Microsoft also in RC1 expanded the functionality of a feature it introduced in the IE8 beta 2 release called InPrivate. InPrivate has two settings -- InPrivate Browsing, which lets users browse the Web without creating a record of where they've been or enabling cookies, and InPrivate Blocking, which has been renamed in RC1 to InPrivate Filtering.”

But why settle for the opinion of these folks when you can download and check it out for yourself?

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Happy Surfing!

Global ISV Team