Touch It!

As “Generation Y” comes to the workforce, they have higher expectations, as a consumer ( What do others say about the generation shifts) and as a user, when evaluating user experience. The software industry, from consumer to line of business applications, is responding to this change by launching a new way to interact, such as project Natal on Xbox 360. Natal is a revolutionary new way to play, no game controller is required.

As consumers, we want to make informed shopping decisions, taking into account product features, pricing, warranties, availability, environmental impact, competitive comparisons and more, and we will use technology to accomplish this. We seek relevant information from retailers – but also from our social networks and independent third parties. As new technologies come to market at a fast path and an attractive price, our strategic partners invest on new windows platforms to provide a breakthrough user experience:

Windows 7 Multi-touch Support allows rich gestures, such as pan, zoom, and rotate. image A user could use his fingers to browse the web, select options on a kiosk , explore additional product information and check what companion products or services would fit with the goods or services he is ready to buy. Here are a few places you can see more of the cool functionality of Windows 7:

  • For touch gestures, seeing them in action is important so here is a brief video showing the gestures in action.
  • Microsoft Surface Globe, an interactive globe that you can grab and stretch the view to zoom in, rotate, and move the view around. Interacting with the globe and exploring the world is the majority of the UI, and it is exceedingly easy to use with touch.
  • To know more check the Engineering Windows 7 blog.

Beyond Multi-touch Support, Microsoft strategic partners are committed to offer enhanced user experience on Windows 7, check the Ready Set 7 to know more how applications are now more discoverable, informative, and interactive.

Microsoft Surface is unlike any other type of computing experience. Surface is particularly well suited for a collaborative experience to share, co-design, compare, locate nearby stores or point of interests, and get access to in depth information. image

  • The engaging, social user interface of Surface allows customers to create experiences that your competitors aren’t offering
  • Surface delivers a memorable experience that is educating and entertaining.
  • Surface helps customers intuitively discover your products and services by exploring and discovering similar products and associated services. For example, in the hospitality industry users can discover other properties and even take a virtual tour of related locations.
  • Enabling customers to interact with each other, Microsoft Surface encourages 360-degree interaction, information exchange, and collaboration among multiple users.
  • Surface Gives ownership of the result by putting the end-user in the driver’s seat, and having them play a major role in discovering, learning, and making informed decisions about products and services.

As these and other technologies come to market, a wide range of new experience opens. Our strategic partners are currently re-thinking / re-setting their user experience architectures. Software companies doing business in retail, that used to provide touch enabled Point of Services for years, foresee opportunities to expand their capabilities to in store assistance, up and cross selling, product design and customization.

It is time to pause and think how your company can take advantage of it.

Touch it, feel it and tell others what you think!

Cheers, Baptiste Janique

Global Business Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation