Turning Innovation Into Action

With all the technologies and products that Microsoft offers, how do partners use these products to improve decision making and give back to the community?  Here’s one example of a Microsoft ISV, ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), who was recently interviewed for Channel 9.  A company 40 years in the making, ESRI has seen it all and they continue to push the envelope.  ESRI links technology with data; geography to the environment and world issues; people with the planet.  In this discussion, ESRI senior product managers give us an in-depth look at how they balance the old with the new, unmanaged code vs. managed, when they look at new Microsoft technologies and how they adopt them.   One of the quotes I liked touches on each of these aspects:

“We have a limited number of resources; we have to take care of them.” – Rob Elkins, Sr. Product Manager, ESRI

Check out the interview to learn how one partner takes advantage of Microsoft innovation and turns it into real world applications.

ESRI: Green Computing | Inside Out | Channel 9 Interview

“We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children” – Interior Secretary Kempthorne at ESRI’s 2008 International User Conference

Heather Blatchford

Business Development Manager, Microsoft