Updated Announcement: Official foursquare 2.X App for Windows Phone Unveiled and Now Available for Download

**Since the official unveiling of foursquare 2.0 Windows Phone app earlier on July 1, foursquare's 2.3 patch update has been released in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Increased Performance. More to come....


My name is Liz Ngo from the Global ISV Group at Microsoft Corporation.

In early May of 2011, I shared with many of you that an update to foursquare’s official app for Windows Phone 7 was soon to come. Today marks a leap forward for both our companies with foursquare’s Windows Phone update 2.0 release available for download.

To get to this moment, the team set out to harness key principles in our design and development approach:

  • Anticipate and deliver on the needs of the customer.
  • Take advantage of the great opportunity to push the boundaries that exploit foursquare’s new, flexible, and robust APIs.
  • Never lose sight of Microsoft’s unique design language and capabilities for smartphones.
  • Display the rich set of foursquare data in a graphical way that is personalized to the individual, yet meaningful to our friends and communities.
  • Ensure the application is well received (aka just damn cool to use) by foursquare and Windows Phone fans worldwide.

The combination of these tenants resulted in wholesale changes to foursquare’s 2.0 app that redefines the customer’s interactions and expectations. In addition to the new redesigned metro UEX, key features also include:

  • Panorama dashboard view of updated places, friends, me and explore
  • Super-fast check-in via one click “tap and hold” on places in the panorama
  • Leaderboard Live Tile
  • Useful new sorts, e.g. places by “here now”, friends by “name”
  • Mapping of nearby places, friends and specials
  • ...and many more!

Although today represents an important achievement, we look forward to continued updates and possibilities ahead.

I want to thank all our friends at foursquare, colleagues at Microsoft (Kyle, Tom, Bryan, Casey, Mike, Ben, Steve, and Gunther), and the folks at nVentive.