Windows 7 launches next week, are you ready?

October 22nd will be an exciting day for many.  Are you ready to ride the Windows 7 wave?  


A little homework for you this weekend would be to visit the ms dev website and check here for some great training to ensure your company’s readiness and compatibility with Windows 7.  There is also general Windows 7 training available by clicking here.

We noticed on twitter, that the MS Dev team promises even more great new windows 7 training on Monday 10/19.  Click here for a direct link.

If you have not done so yet, but are ready to upgrade your applications to Win7, go to here to see some great resources that our US Colleagues have put together.

Follow all the latest and greatest training by subscribing to ms dev Twitter:


One last inspiration.  View the apps of the Code 7 contest winners here and see some of the unique and creative ways your peers are engaging Windows 7.

Best wishes for continued success,

The Global Partner Team

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