Develop Apps and Fly


Ready, Set, Go!

✓   Are you passionate about developing apps?

✓   Are you looking to be a famous developer?

✓   Are you super-excited to attend TechEd in Europe?

If you answered yes to all of the above then the Develop and Fly Challenge is your chance to win a trip to TechEd in Europe. Click here to find out more

4 simple steps to enter this challenge:

  1. Develop an application on each of the platforms - Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8
  2. Publish your applications to the Windows Store
  3. Promote your applications so you get as many downloads as you can
  4. Direct message us the URL of the applications, a snapshot of the downloads from the developer dashboard and a copy of your ID on facebook


If you have any queries you can write to us on the Microsoft Developer’s Facebook page.

The challenge starts on 10th February 2014, so get set!

Good luck.

The Developer Platform Evangelists team