Join us for our Agile Testing Webinar - Load Testing with VS 2010!

It's that time again....time for our monthly testing webinar!

We hope you will join us on Wednesday, Sept. 21st for this month's Agile Testing Webinar.  Hosted by Microsoft and Testhouse, this month's event will cover the very crucial topic of Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010.  

These webinars focus on how to improve the productivity and predictability of software construction through testing. The short and relevant sessions are intended for Business and Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Architects, and IT Professionals working in teams of all sizes, that want to learn more about transparent and agile best practices for application testing. Experienced speakers will deliver this month's session with a special focus on Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2010! Register online and receive the link to the webinar.

Register online here!  We look forward to your participation on Wednesday the 21st :)