Online Training: A Developer's Guide to Windows 10

Hello Developers!! 

With Windows 10 official release around the corner, as a developer it is becoming more and more essential to start leaning about the new platform. The platform that will allow you to reach 1 Billion devices. Universal Windows Platform is the way moving forward, and as a Microsoft developer you will need to start learning about the new platform if you want to start  building apps for Windows 10.

On Microsoft Virtual Academy there is a new course titled A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, which gives you an in-depth look at the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This course is delivered by Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley, who will show you how Windows capabilities and social integration can help you create amazing experiences on devices running Windows 10, including phones, tablets,  PCs, and even (coming soon) Xbox!
The course offers demo-rich Windows 10 goodness, explore cool new features, and share practical guidance. Each module lasts about 30 minutes, so you can check out the topics that interest you most! You will get to have a look at fundamental platform considerations, patterns, and tools available for building these Windows 10 apps. Additionally, the course includes several core scenarios that the apps handle, including low memory, background task execution, cross-device communication, file and data management, and user interaction techniques. 

A great start to Windows 10 from a developer's point of view. Check it out!

Happy learning :)