Replace Apple's MetroWorks with Visual Studio for iOS development

It’s no secret that there is a large surge of new development occurring on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

While plugging in to Android development with Team Explorer Everywhere is a workable option, Visual Studio developers that have invested in Microsoft’s ALM platform continue to seek out better solutions.

While SVN-TFS Bridge can work it’s not a great solution for iOS development and does nothing to help developers use Visual Studio - the best IDE on the planet.

iFactr has a solution that has been implemented at very large organizations that allows developers not only keep using TFS, but provides a much better option than MetroWorks (Apple’s IDE) or Eclipse for building iOS and Android apps.

If you are a Visual Studio developer and you’re targeting multiple platforms including iOS and Android, you may want to check out this article from Dr. Z. as well as iFactr’s web site.