What's New in Visual Studio 11...

I know all of you developers, testers, architects, project managers, and stakeholders are all asking the same thing...what's new about VS11 anyway?

The Technology Cafe has written an excellent article that explains just that.  Here are just some of the highlights of this article:

Platform Development

Windows 8 brings a fresh new experience, where apps are full screen and touch enabled. One of the goals for Visual Studio 11 is to help developers build stunning Metro style apps. When you install Visual Studio 11 Beta with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you’ll have an opportunity to try out the new tools, which are designed to help you at each step of the way in your app development. You can start off with one of the ready-made Metro style app templates, available in JavaScript, C++, C# or Visual Basic. Next, use Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta to style and design your application, whether you’re using HTML or XAML.

Debug locally, on the simulator, or attached to another device, and use the profiling and code analysis tools to monitor your app’s quality. Finally, once your app is ready and the Store becomes available, you’ll be able to use Visual Studio to package and upload your app to the Windows Store.



Visual Studio 11 Beta improves the developer experience in the IDE through reduction and simplification. You can find more information about the changes on the Visual Studio team blog.
Beyond the clean and professional look, the overall environment has been streamlined with simplified toolbars, a lightweight Find dialog, and less tab clutter by previewing files rather than opening them during debugging. It’s now easier to manage the environment by rafting tabs on a second monitor, or by searching the IDE for a menu or command.



Visual Studio 11 includes support in the box for the following languages: C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++ and JavaScript.


Business Application Development

LightSwitch development is now available as part of the Visual Studio 11 Beta Professional, Premium and Ultimate installations.

SharePoint developer tools are also updated in Visual Studio 11 Beta, including new designers for list and content types, new templates for site columns and Silverlight web pages, as well as new options for deploying SharePoint sites. ALM features like performance profiling, unit testing, and IntelliTrace are now available for SharePoint development.


Visual Studio 11 Features for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

For the Visual Studio 11 release, Microsoft has incorporated the stakeholder and operations roles. We’ve also provided tools to support agile practices in the team.


Lightweight Requirements

Microsoft has introduced PowerPoint Storyboarding. PowerPoint Storyboarding is a PowerPoint add-in, and allows the development team to quickly mock up a design. This is a quick and easy way to specify the application requirements, and provides an opportunity for feedback even before the coding begins.  If you can get to an agreement quickly on the features and flow, then you can help eliminate wasted time spent actually building what might be the wrong thing.



The compatibility improvements in Visual Studio 11 will make it easier to work with your existing Visual Studio assets, without doing any “upgrades” of project files. In the majority of cases, you can use Visual Studio 11 and also continue collaborating on projects with your teammates using Visual Studio 2010 SP1.


To find more, read the entire article here!  And if you haven't already, but the first to know and download VS11 Beta today!!