Windows Azure Week Live

Mark you calendars! It is Windows Azure Week on Microsoft Virtual Academy from January 27 to January 31, a week long series of live, interactive sessions from the experts who built Azure that will show you how to start using Windows Azure in your solutions today.
In addition to seeing lots of demos and real world examples, you’ll be able to get your questions answered in real time Q&A.
This in-depth training will feature  Scott Guthrie, Azure Guru and Microsoft Corporate Vice President, who is going to kick off the week on Monday January 27 by building a real world application from scratch, end to end, to show you the latest capabilities of Azure.
Then each day, there will be deep dive sessions led by Microsoft’s top cloud platform development experts, including Scott HanselmanScott HunterMarc Mercuri, Cheryl McGuire, and Miranda Luna.

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Day 1 - Get Started with Windows Azure Today Jump Start

Overview Day, Monday January 27

Join Scott Guthrie. Azure guru and Microsoft Corporate Vice President, as he builds a real-world application from scratch, and hear about the platform in a nutshell.

Day 2 - Designing Applications for Windows Azure Jump Start

Architecture Day, Tuesday January 28

Developers, do you wonder how to design apps for the cloud? Are you interested in best practices for architectures that include services that run in the cloud? Join Marc Mercuri for a day of design and architecture lessons for Windows Azure developers.

Day 3 - Building Windows Azure Applications Jump Start

Developer Day, Wednesday January 29

If you’ve been thinking about Windows Azure for your next application, but aren’t sure where to begin, join this deep dive with Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter to get started building applications for the cloud today.

Day 4 - Windows Azure IaaS Deep Dive Jump Start

Infrastructure Day, Thursday January 30

Join Cheryl McGuire for Hybrid Cloud Day, a deep dive on integrating Windows Azure into your infrastructure. She will explore details about creating VMs, how they behave in Windows Azure, and how to configure good network communication to get things up and running in the cloud.

Day 5 - Mobile Apps to IoT: Connected Devices with Windows Azure

Mobile Services Day, Friday January 31

Join Miranda Luna for a comprehensive, infrastructure-focused look at how your mobile apps can use cloud data, manage users with ease, and quickly deliver push notifications at scale.