PDC Talk – Under the hood: Advances in .NET Type System

Advances in .NET Type System – sound like this is a PDC session one must come to. Here is the talks abstract:

Under the Hood: Advances in the .NET Type System

Enhancements to the type system in the next version of .NET Framework allow for loose type-coupling of components comprising your application. This talk is an in-depth examination of the changes in the Common Language Runtime and managed languages. See how these changes help to simplify versioning and deployment of components targeting either COM based and/or fully managed applications. For Office developers, learn how to eliminate the need to redistribute primary interop assemblies.

I will definitely be there – actually I am the speaker for this talk so I do not have much of a choice :) But the rest of you out there coming to PDC 2008 do have a lot of sessions to choose from. There are some very respected speakers that you just can not miss – the guys that are brand names of their own - Anders Hejlsberg (Future of C#), Scott Hanselman (Microsoft .NET Framework: Overview and Applications for Babies), Raymond Chen. But sometimes there are these seemingly little sessions where content just rocks.

The “Advances in .NET type system” is this one little gem that you can not overlook. Although I do not pretend to be the greatest speaker in the world – give me a good content and I will rock the house. Given I have been working for the past 9 months on improving the story I am going to tell – this will be very very very very very (how many more times should I say that) cool session. So, come on, register for this talk and you will be glad you came.