VSTO PDC sessions

PDC is just in a week and I will be there. I will present during the preconference with Eric Carter and Andrew Whitechapel. The reason three of us are doing this session is because it is 6 hours long! Since we all work directly on the VSTO code base, get ready for deep coverage and bring your toughest questions. One thing I can tell is that the VSTO preconference slide deck is very impressive and it is oriented at developers.

I also previously mentioned that Eric (who happens to be my manager) got me and some other folks to work in Office's building. We were working on integrating our early VSTO 3.0 thinking into Office12 or ... it might be the other way around :) Considering we had only 3 weeks to get something working, while keeping an eye on the last phases of shipping VSTO v2, we did a good job. Many Office sessions in the conference will show the first bits of VSTO vNext. For complete list check out this compiled guide. And do not miss the last 2 sessions in this guide.

Also, the rumor is there will be new book signing by Eric.

Have fun, I know I will.