Nick Vujicic was in Amman last week

Unfortunately I missed Nick Vijucici as he spoke in Amman this past Saturday.

I just watched few of his videos on YouTube. Ana amzing speaker truly. I highly recommend you take a look. Life problems seem insignificant after watching him. I also heard he just came up with a new book. Will look for it.

محاضرة مذهلة من نك فويتشيتش، شخص خلق بلا أيد أو أقدام لكن بإرادة حديدية وخطابة مذهلة، أرجو أن تحبوا هذه المقاطع…

Intro Video about Nick:


A nice series of 3 parts by Nick. Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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