2004 FLEX 1.0 compared to 2007 FLEX 2.0.1 you be the judge.

Note: This is Scott Barnes, talking clocked off the Microsoft pay roll (weekend now) and in talking about my hobby development in Adobe Flex (yes I do still use it and mentor other Flex Developers with my experience in it - so can we suspend the Microsoft is evil thing heh).

I was discussing earlier today Flex 2.0.1 questions and where I think the future of Adobe would head towards and why I think at times, they have a really fantastic product range but get caught up in Price issues.

At any rate, I went through some archives of my previous blog (www.mossyblog.com) and remembered in 2004 I did a rant on why "FLEX Hurts", here's the thing - it's still kind of true today (price is cheaper in some parts, but pieces are still here today).

This isn't a "anti-Adobe" post, it's more of a reflection on where we have come from, in order to know where we are going and if you read the posts and you're sitting back going "Yeah, that's still here today" then I'd recommend you do something about it and voice your opinion, as it's now 2007.


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I compare my experiences from FLEX 1.0 days to now and I have to admit, there is still some existing ones around while others are fixed (yay!)