A Meeting with the Silverlight brains trust.

Forest Key invited Michael Kordahi and myself to a Silverlight team meeting today (Microsoft HQ, Seattle) and I was able to get a in-flight preview of the brains trust around this product and meet with the folks whom pull the levers behind the Silverlight brand.

It was good to finally meet some of them face to face instead of via internal mail etc, so that was a positive all round. There was a lot being discussed (ie MIX 07 was on the agenda) and I have to say, MIX 07 is going to be the debut party for Silverlight and will be a memorable experience me thinks.

I have to say that these folks have been putting in the hard yards to get Silverlight out the door and into the public eye, and it's a complex thing overall and I for one have enormous respect for all Microsoft staff and partners whom have put their time and effort into this product to date.

Argue what you will around your opinions on Silverlight, but Microsoft have made a milestone product here and in the timeframe that they have done it in, I'll say that it's been amazing. Silverlight and WPF are the reasons I joined this company as to me, being in the RIA space I wanted more options on my horizon and when asked what my thoughts around Silverlight, I simply said "Luv it". I mean, I can see the potential on offer and am extremely excited to be apart of all of this (my small role in it etc) and am loving the experience.

  Later that day, we also caught up with ex-Aussie, now Microsoft HQ employee Jeremy Cath for a coffee. Jeremy's an awesome bloke and it appears he has been working his fingers to the bone to get everything ready for MIX 07 from our partners. Overall, a lot of work and dedication has gone into MIX 07 and I'm thankful for being there this year, as funny enough I remember watching last years videos thinking "wish I was there" - yet - wouldn't of imagined it for a second at that time I would actually be there (keeping in mind I was doing everything but Microsoft development!)

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, as I'll be catching up with Ryan Stewart as well as the Live.com folks for an internal briefing.

Love this job.

You can see more of what i've called "Mike & Scott's American Adventure" via my Flickr Account and be sure to check it around MIX07, as I've got a new camera (Nikon Coolpix S50) which I'll be using specifically for this event! (Video blogs if I can)