A Silverlight version of Powerpoint? Maybe..

I got an email the other day, by Netikatech.com in which they announced a "Powerpoint Like Demo".

"...The interface of this demo is very close to the well known MS PowerPoint application. It is possible to move the pictures, edit the text areas and almost all the items of the View menu are implemented.
Have a look at our demo page! .
The source code of the demo is available
here ..."

This is a classic example of a potential RIA's beginning in the wild. Although it's in primitive format and obviously there is more to be done, it does produce strong hints in how Office Live could end up down the road. RIA isn't about spitting out a branded microsite like solution (i.e. http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/) and labeling it RIA? it's about producing solutions that empower end users to take desktop like experience and utilize the same or similar concepts, via a middle tiered environment such as Silverlight.

Silverlight is gaining momentum in the .NET community day by day, and it's also encouraging to see folks in the Adobe/Macromedia community embrace the technology. Clearly it's something folks are looking to the horizon for and are keen to see it push Microsoft based solutions into the next evolution of the web.

Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) have yet to reach full maturity, but as technology progresses, we just may see it replace desktop centric solutions such as Powerpoint, which in the end is ideally suited for a Rich Web experiences (which can easily lead to Rich Device / Rich PC experiences).