Adobe's Corfield breaks Ranks for CTO Role.

I was talking to TechReady buddy of mine, Andrew Shorten (ex Flex Evangelist, now Microsoft guy) and he mentioned Sean Corfield of Adobe has left. At first I was shocked and read his blog, and can now see that Sean is one of these engineering types that probably wants more of a challenge going forward.

I've got to say that Sean has had some what of an influence on mine and other Coldfusion developers learning paths going forward. I was spending a lot of time trying to figure out ways in how to inject Design Patterns into Coldfusion, given its not quite an OOP centric language. Sean would be the first to throw in some help in this regard and between guys like him and Spike, I learned a lot as a developer.

I made a post this week about Geek Celebs, and Sean's one of these but not by wanting to be there, but simply out of respect by his peers. I also remember seeing some of his posts in years gone by where he'd call a spade a spade and many would comment "he can't say that, he's Macromedia" offline.

Funny stuff anyway, and I guess with this new found role (CTO of Scazu Inc) he'll be more active in this space. If only we could convert him to Microsoft technologies some how...

All the best Sean and good luck on the next Adventure :)