Blogs & Comments.

I typically get a mixed reaction to this blog, and despite the visible negative comments on full display, the blog continues to grow in visits and RSS subscriptions.

I often ask myself "why the hell would anyone want to read my rants" and after speaking with customers in both Microsoft and Adobe space, it's clear that whilst at times my posts aren't the most popular in mainstream thinking, they do convey an opposite view to the usual Adobe aggressive stance towards Microsoft.

anger The ones that do complain the most, typically never visit my blog except when someone within the Adobe ethos decides to blast a post of mine or two on why I'm getting it wrong in their eyes. Usually when this happens, I simply groan at the amount of comments that are likely to come through, this time not by my regular readers, but simply by folks within the Adobe community all worked up and ready to take down Microsoftee a peg or two.

I at times engage them, trying to tease out whether or not this is about the context of the post in question? (maybe I got it wrong? tell me how) but typically it's more about Microsoft in general and how they have somewhat conflict towards our presence in the market in one way or another.

Yet, they never really come back, typically it's a once off thing, come to the blog, dump your hate mail and then leave.

What's the problem with that you may ask? well it does convey a one-sided view in many respects, as if you like a post or simply nod & calmly agree with a post, you rarely typically feel the need to comment, unless it's something you passionately agree with.

Comments rarely give a balanced view, they simply are a traffic diversion from another persons blog.

Yet, I still comment and the rationale as to why I post comments on other peoples comments are simply this:

  • We are listening, and we may or may not agree but we're listening.
  • Here's our point of view, if anyone cares.
  • Interesting, tell me more...
  • I agree with you. Well done!
  • Congratulations on this moment in time.

That's simply my mode of operation, but it usually fans the fire if the blog post in question is heated towards Microsoft or it simply adds a layer of authority as well, in that if someone is conveying a point that is in factual, well, now they have the official Microsoft response.

Comments in blogs really don't represent the majority thinking, it's simply a case of degrees of influence. In that, if you had 3 major high profile blogger's cast a seed of anger towards another persons blog, then it's highly likely the comments will be filled with anger. Same with praise.

It's as if the blogsphere has a wolf-pack mentality, follow the lead wolf, attack where he/she attacks.

So with that being said, I'm making no apologies from here on out in moderating the comments on my blog. If you have a mature, point whether it be negative or positive - or - is contextual towards the post, fine, I'll allow it through.

nothing_to_say If you're just the usual ass whom is about to sprout ignorant remarks around why you dislike Microsoft, then this isn't the blog for you. Feel free to post that on your own blog though.

Transparency is something we should never take for granted, but at the same time wolf-packing sites with comments from one-off-visitors really doesn't represent the tone of the majority. It just simply gives the usual suspects a soapbox to stand on for a brief 15mins or so.

If there is a mature point of view, one that has a point, by all means negative or positive, please post.

If you dislike this decision, then this is not the blog for you. All the best.