Brand, it's deeply seeded.

In my role, I've encountered a lot of interesting behavior associated to the brand. I find it scary in some parts but also interesting in others. I've got friends whom I've known for 5+ years suddenly refer to me "you guys" when talking about Microsoft in general.

I walk up to others and they throw questions at me "In Office, I.. ." and begin to tell me a story around Office and their pain points associated with it. I also get jokes, like "can't you just ask Bill to pick up the tab, he's rich" (big misconception folks, Microsoft isn't an endless supply of money, we all have budgets to account for, and ROI on how we spend - keep that in mind).

It's part of the game I guess, brands are a funny thing, they are almost religious at times though and I've seen some scary discussions take place over which is better. Last night I did a presentation on Silverlight to a Flash User Group, but I opened up with Batman vs Spiderman (Batman was us, as we have this big Utility Belt of Tools to play with - whilst - Spiderman was Flash, in terms of being everywhere with the Web). At any rate, the two have a fight (i.e. "Flash Killer" arguments online) and mid-way through the fight, up comes Yoda - "that voice of reason you find mid-way through such fights" indicating that fighting is stupid. Focus on shipping, and why can't you both "fight crime" together (i.e. solve your customers problems with your own unique super powers).

That being said, Jorke sent me this website this morning and when I first looked at it I went "woah, I love working for Microsoft but come on, not that much" - yet - I laughed at this as I got it, these guys are having fun with the brand - probably a Jackass moment in terms of watching Steve-o get a tattoo of himself on his back - very funny.

It doesn't stop with Microsoft, I've also noticed an Adobe fan get the logo inked on his forearm.

Point: I love the brands, I think they are great.. would I get inked with one? nope but I do understand others whom do :)