Brisbane BarCamp

A few weeks ago, Peter Ward contacted me about setting up Brisbane BarCamp, we had lunch, threw some ideas around and the end result is it's on.

This Saturday 24th Novemeber, the first (of what I hope many) BarCamps will take place in Brisbane Australia.

You can read more details specifically here:

I'm looking to secure some goodies from the Microsoft give-away vault(s) and hopefully I can convince our Audience Marketing folks to dig really deep on this one :)

Special thanks to:

For devoting both money and time to this event.

I sadly can't make it as I'll be in Tropical North Queensland enjoying a holiday in what appears to be a cyclone coming my way. I'll be at the next one for sure and am really annoyed with myself that I couldn't attend.

The best and funniest part of all, is this will be held a bowls club. That's right "beer prices of  1978" is what you're all thinking. When we threw some of the ideas around, we agreed that we wanted to keep it informal, happy vibe and well like the name suggest, have it where there is a bar handy.

I say this as a few BarCamp's I've been to (whilst were great!) didn't actually have access to a bar? I think beer helps in this style of setting as it chips away at the nerves if you will and within 2xBeers you'll be guaranteed best mates with everyone in the room.

Sit back, have a cold one and listen to the session in whatever way it's being presented. It's also important to note that this isn't just a Microsoft only technology discussion, the idea is to open it up to others (ie ensure the spirit of BarCamps apply here). So if you're anti-Microsoft, still come a long :P