Catchup time..

It's been a while since I last updated my blog but this is what has happened since I last posted:

  1. My Role within Microsoft just became much clearer, in that I have a renewed focus on what I am to achieve in the upcoming fiscal year and ideas on how to do this. This came from an intense 2 weeks of FY08 planning and majority of my focus is going to be on Microsoft community. Think of me as your friendly Web Developer Evangelist and more on that will follow as I plant some more seeds around Microsoft ;)
  2. Currently sitting in Orlando, Florida soaking in the sunlight and tropical humidity that which is the home of Disney World. My hotel is Buena Vista Palace, which is awesome as it's across the road from Disney Market Place. Think of the most cheesy theme park you've ever visited and now imagine an entire suburb of this.
  3. I've been able to put in some more hours behind some pet projects that I started in FY07 but due to time never got around to finishing. Given I've got a fresh start, I'll be more focused on punching out some demo examples as this is one thing I really failed with in FY07.
  4. I found religion. It's name was Tranformers and I saw a giant sized version of this made out of lego this morning. I didn't have my camera but I will post a followup post on this as it has to be documented.
  5. I'm working with folks internally to polish up a lot of things, namely my presentation skills need more work (I suck, I'm more of quietly scheming guy) and also looking to get some more consolidation around Microsoft properties online. Personally I think we are very disparate and we need to pull our socks up if we want to ensure we are relevant going forward. So, I am campaigning as hard as I can to take the fight to the places it needs fighting.

That's pretty much it, my focus is well - community, community, community...