CFML developers can use .NET Master Pages?

Ok, this one blew my mind a bit - that being said, I've used Bluedragon about 2/10 of the time in my entire Coldfusion career.

Drew Robbins (fellow MSFT Developer Evangelist) has posted a write-up on how Masterpages and Coldfusion are being mixed together in some weird but scary way. It's all good, but it takes me back to the Ghostbuster's quote " don't cross the streams ".

Ahhh I love it when technologies come together though.

Read more on Drew from his blog.

Josh Adams of New Atlanta and I presented a webcast earlier today on moving CFML (ColdFusion) applications to ASP.NET using the BlueDragon.NET engine. We were discussing some of the features that CFML developers can leverage from .NET. One of those was Master Pages .

There are a couple ways that CFML developers can leverage Master Pages. The easiest and most obvious way is to build the master page and content pages using standard .Master and .ASPX files. Then, use the <cf:include />, <cf:output />, etc tags to build in logic using CFML.

However, many developers will not want to rework every page into an ASPX file in order to leverage this feature. CFML developers may also want to maintain the URLs used to access their existing application. Here's a quick and dirty technique using an HttpModule to move lots of CFML pages into Master Pages.