Down: MIX07 , Up: REMIX07 Downunder!

I've just recovered from both jet lag, lost luggage (it's currently somewhere in Kula Lumpur at the moment - how it goes from Vegas to KL is beyond me!) and now we are getting ready for REMIX07 downunder.

It will be held in Sunny Melbourne this year, and will be a great line-up of both local and international speakers, some of whom were at MIX07 this year (Shane and I managed to get them drunk enough to agree to come down under - to Australia that is... damn so many jokes around "down under").

I've asked some folks internally on the Silverlight Teams if they can make it down under to show off some new stuff they've been hatching etc, but no official wording on yes/no as yet (feel free to harass them to do so though - just don't source me).

At any rate, we won't have the Pussycat Dolls this year but if anyone knows someone who can convince Silverchair to play (Silverlight = Silverchair? get it) that'd be awesome as well.

Now to convince Frank that Guitar Hero II is worth expensing for an XBOX 360 chill zone.

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