DPE got bigger - Jorke Odolphi

In Brisbane office today, and noticed our new "Hosting Evangelist" Jorke, was on deck today. I said my congrats and all and proceeded to log in for the day, only Outlook when first booting up just kept spinning in cycles and was getting unresponsive.

I was also at the time showing Jorke some internal emails he may want to know about, but as I went to click on a message the "white screen of death" appeared. I get this a lot when I first load Windows Vista + Outlook and was cursing Outlook with "Stupid Outlook, it's so much slower then its previous versions.. grrrrr".

Jorke replies, "actually if you have over 1000 emails in your inbox, exchange keeps requesting views etc, so what I usually do is create a folder called 1000+ and keep the emails inside there"..

Sure enough, I followed as he suggested and have already noticed some increases in performance with Outlook (I should setup better rules for my Inbox but time..time people..time... as I type this I already got 34 emails in under 20mins... wtf!)

All I can say is "Welcome Jorke" you're already rocking along nicely.

Jorke is going to be our Hosting Evangelist guy, he's ex-WebCentral and knows his stuff and best part of all is there is now 3 Evangelists in Brisbane now (Chuck, Jorke and Myself).

He's yet to create his MSDN or TechNet Blog.