Egads… it’s a Silverlight Spy!

When I’m working in Silverlight I typically like most developers heavily rely on the breakpoint/debug workflow.

Although this is extremely powerful, I at times need to inspect what’s been loaded in a more hierarchical manner to ensure my various UIElements are loaded as per my instructions via code.

To do this in Visual Studio is doable, but I find it provides a little too much information than I require.

Enter Silverlight Spy.

A brilliant WPF application made by KoeKoen Zwikstra from the Netherlands (Silverlight Consultant).

Silverlight Spy is a neat little application, as it not only allows you to snoop over the entire XAML DOM, but it provides a great insight into what’s loaded in your user interface via the “statistics” tool.

It’s a must have for all serious Silverlight developers in my feeble opinion ;)

I used to use Lutz’s before this one, but found this one to be a more options available for me to inspect (i.e. stats is brilliant idea). Lutz’s can be found her:


Download Silverlight Spy out here: