Even a JackAss embraces Silverlight

Jackass 2.5 Available Exclusively from Blockbuster, Exclusive Online Premiere 12/19/07

I couldn't resist working the words "JackAss" and Silverlight in that way, what can I say I'm still a goofy kid at heart. Onto the story at hand and that is JackAss 2.5 via Blockbuster will premier online via Silverlight.


What does this say overall?

Well it says that Silverlight is something world-wide online brands are giving serious consideration and whilst many folks would consider Silverlight "Not Ready" many on the other hand such as Blockbuster consider it ready (to answer when Silverlight is considered ready or not allow me to give you the magic number... 42.. when you see that it's ready)

As agencies continue to at times ignore the Silverlight potential, their competitors on the other hands are taking bets and willing to risk a little to gain a lot. I know this as I see the "training" rosters of agencies whom are signing up to be taught Silverlight, so it's not based off a magic goofy scotts eightball.

To put this into perspective, JackAss 2.5 online premier is one of the biggest projects in Blockbuster history. If companies as large as Blockbuster are willing to take the leap of faith, than expect more and more to follow (look at those whom are switching bit by bit).

It's clear with more and more of these powerhouse brands embracing our technology alongside design agencies around the world now considering "how do I use Silverlight as a marketing technology" we will have an impact in 2008+

That being said, more work ahead still so we aren't done :P

The Ecosystem to date.

The ecosystem around Silverlight is continuing to grow, with an impressive line-up of customers like MLB.com, BMW, Sony Ericsson, Baidu (#1 search site in PRC), NBA.com, Entertainment Tonight (CBS/Paramount) and UVNTV.com, to name a few.  See more at http://silverlight.net/Showcase/

Jackass 2.5 will be made available for free, for anyone in the US 17 or older, courtesy of Blockbuster at ww.blockbuster.jackassworld.com beginning December 19th through December 31st, 2007