Feedback Req: Do you need to know the list of released runtime build numbers?

Hi All,

I've noticed a few occasions where developers have wanted to know what Version of Silverlight is installed on the end users computer when they arrive at a site. There are a number of ways you can approach that question that will yield a response, namely in non-IE browsers tapping into the navigator.plugins["Silverlight Plug-In"].description will provide such an answer. In MSIE you realistically need to keep testing the Silverlight.isInstalled(buildnumber) until you get a FALSE (which infers the last known TRUE will yield you your known versions of installed Silverlight).

Now typically with all future builds we classify the number as being "0major.0.4monthday" (e.g. 03.0.41009) the build was released. Now this is helpful, as you can essentially run some for-loops over the month/days to yield the "Silverlight.isInstalled() " but that does often create a lot of redundancy in terms of logic.

Instead, what I'm thinking of providing is a JSON API on which will provide a complete and up to date Array of Silverlight RELEASED buildnumbers that we actively support.

Is this something that folks would like or have a need for? Please reply with answers to the below questions


  1. Why do you need this JSON Array to exist? can you expand on how you intend to use it?

  2. What else would you like to be added to this array ? (i.e. known browser/platform supported versions?)

  3. How have you found the overall "Get Silverlight" experience in terms of getting users to begin the installation (i.e. not the install wizard itself, but everything prior to this)

  4. What else would like from the Silverlight Team to help you solicit end users to Install Silverlight. Is there a blind spot we have and what would you like us to do (give it a priority weighting as well please).

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