Go Deeper! - The Deep Zoom Day.

Today was a fun road-trip day for me ( I don't get out as much now that I'm in corp so bare with me). As we drove to downtown Seattle to check out what the latest movements are with the Seadragon folks (Deep Zoom) as well as introduce myself to them (as I'm new).

There is a lot of quality work being put into this technology and some of the things I was shown was brilliant work! I will not go into specifics as I like my job, I like our competitive edge and most of all I love watching customers faces react to our surprises :)

That being said, there is a site I want to draw your attention to other than http://labs.live.com/Seadragon.aspx

The site is:

This site is a great resource for figuring out some of the inner parts of how the Hard Rock Memorabilia site came together. As the unique thing about Hard Rock Memorabilia site other than the fact it uses Deep Zoom, was the actual composition on how they did it.

In that I found out today that they have made things perfect to the point that images within Deep Zoom are evenly spaced. There is also a search by data capability, thanks to the new XML blend of Deep Zoom found within Silverlight 2 b2.