Has Facebook lost it's appeal?

That's it, I'm officially over it. I blame the Super Wall for death by a thousands cut ending.

Seriously, Facebook is a great potential for success and ultimate failure in one mouthful, in that if Facebook were to fall it could cause a cascading demise of what I at times call the "Web 2.0 Boom".

Eyeballs are costly, but what at what value do they retain?

Customer Life Value is something most marketers use, it's a calculation to determine the life value of a customer for a given business. When I look at Facebook and I think to myself, where is the value I struggle to find anything but a deficit. How much is my login worth to Facebook and what influence am I likely to inflect?

How much would this blog post cost? etc...

The advertising has little retention ( I just tried to think of one ad that I can remember on Facebook and I'll be honest, I have no answer) and any whom flood it with sponsorship dollars may have a better chance at getting an ROI in Las Vegas.

What's the upside overall for us to continue using Facebook? To me it really boiled down to two things:

  1. Connecting to people but providing a social structure such as direct messaging (LinkedIn kind of hints at this but that's another story).
  2. Photo Gallery or Video Wall - even then it's poorly aggregated.

 image Assuming the two are still motivators, and I continue to flood it with data about myself what's the upside going forward in terms of growth for me to continue to be a member?

Robert Scoble many moons ago highlighted that he'd like to take his data and run, which Facebook objected to obviously. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

In the end each day I seem to hit "ignore" or "accept" and that's it? why can't it learn from my responses and get with the program that I'm not open to Zombie fights..

In the end, I think locking down a social networking structure is a dangerous thing in many respects but then holding me not only hostage but also slamming me with content I don't want, need or can't turn off (without effort).. that's going to be it's ultimate doom eventually as the entertainment value starts ware thin.

Take the picture to the right, it reminds me of email and why I have invested in spam filtering...

On a side note, it also reminds me of the "black dye tub" in Ultima Online, it was basically one of the main sources of ruining the online economy found within that game. Facebook is an eye ball economy, trick is to keep it balanced.

I also like where Chris Saad is heading in the direction of Data Portability as maybe this could help keep Facebook in the future?