I dumped $10k into Apple and I use Vista?

Joshua Allen and fellow Visitmix.com blogger posted the other day around how 10% of new Windows Vista sales are reportedly sold to Apple owners.

DSCN1893.JPGWell, I not only agree but I find it somewhat disturbing. In that, I own not only an iMac but a Macbook Pro and whilst I find the entire experience of using OSX fascinating and at times kind of fun (I'm a geek, what can you expect) - i still - find myself using Windows Vista more.

About 80% of my entire productivity per day still resides in Windows Vista and whilst I embrace the concept of owning an Apple computer, I still find the software out there somewhat limited and not the same as my Windows counterpart experience?

This is me and I think each individual person will have also a unique story to tell around why they own an Apple OSX, but I can honestly say through my interaction with many folks it has nothing to do with what the Apple ads are pushing. Most reluctantly agree that it's just a nice tongue in cheek slash & run at Microsoft.

Windows Vista gets a beat up from the pro-Apple community at times, and I often wonder as to why? I mean OSX is a nice experience, I own two of their flagship products and don't mind the balance between the two operating systems, but I'll be honest and simply say - "I just spent $10k in hardware for iLife"

Emotional bonds are formed with Apple and at times I think the arguments are not only misguided but extremely weak and any time anyone opposes them they are usually swarmed by a wolf-pack of what most jokingly call "Mactards"

With that, I simply say:

Hi, I'm a PC and a Mac, and I am proof that the Apple ads are just a simple comedy sketch and nothing more.