I get to ride the pony now (new toy).


Living in the US vs Australia has one standout plus, the cars over here are so damn cheap that it makes me angry to think I'm paying almost double to triple for the same models back home.

That being said, I decided my birthday is coming up in October, figured why not get myself a new toy.

I've always wanted a mustang back home and they are worth a mint - eg: Ford Mustang GT (USED) back home you're looking in the ball park of 94k AUD (77k USD).

Here in the US, it's what 15k-30k depending in mileage so far and age?

I also test-drove a few Porsche's and to be openly honest, I wasn't over the moon about them. In that, I set out this morning to buy one and it was only after I got in them and drove around I realize that they aren't that exciting? That and the dealers I spoke to for one of them, just annoyed me to no end (half of them were indifferent to you or the actual car was "in the shop" wtf?).


I guess I'm now the proud owner of one of the most popular selling cars in America, the Mustang.


I got the "you get to ride the pony" after Mike Harsh once said that to me before giving me a lift into town in his mustang. I still think it's a funny expression :)

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