I have arrived..

Just arrived to my new home in Seattle. The apartment Microsoft have provided is quite nice actually, roomy, warm and with a nice fast cable modem to cap it all off.

We spent some time prior to arriving in Seattle at Disneyland (Highly recommend folks avoid weekends - I should know better, but it was a schedule thing).

DisneyCalifornia 095

It was great to see Corey interact with all the Disney characters he's been watching on the idiot box for quite some time. The biggest hit for him was when he finally got to see Lightning McQueen (PIXAR).

He was grinning from ear to ear.

Next week I finally move into my new office at Redmond, and it's a nice hurdle to finally jump as there have been many delays to getting us here.

Next, writing a list of items to fill the new house, starting with Computer, TV and Microwave.


To all my fellow US Citizens what the heck is up with Corn Syrup being in everything. It's an evil ingredient and should be banned@!