I need a 12-step program to get me off Twitter.

I'm hooked, this little Web 2.0 piece of goodness has got me suckered in and it just goes to show that there is way forward in terms of web-based gadgets interacting with even concepts like SideBar Gadgets.

You see, I do majority of my Twitterererering via Twadget, a Windows Vista SideBar Gadget. I also get to show what the hell is roaming through my thoughts via my blog's "Flash Gadget" (which talks to Twitter.com).

Overall, the connected experience is here to stay (Time will tell how bored I get of it all). The thing is though, I learned about its existance via Blogs that use the Flash based gadget.

As Ryan Stewart would say "I won't go buy stocks in Twitter, but I'll use it" (well not those exact words, but meaning was the same.

I wonder what Twitter.com's value is worth at the moment?

*Now to figure out how MSN Messenger can talk to Twitter.com*