In Perth.

PIC-0020 I arrived in Perth last night and spent most of this afternoon walking around for a bit of a wonder, to check out the CBD and try and absorb as much of Perth as I can (First time here).

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the local User Group leads and we touched on how Microsoft could do better in this part of the region. It left me walking away with a number of ideas that I'll unpick when I get back home next week and see what can be done to do more in this part of the region.

That being said, I was impressed at how switched on these guys were, and their approach by appearance seems to be very focused around driving more awareness around Microsoft's offering through deeper community involvement.

I'm also going to be at Perth Barcamp this Saturday and looking forward to seeing what the Perth Web community has been up to in person, and it looks like a fantastic line-up. I'll be doing my rant on Silverlight and I've worked on a brand new presentation to spice it up a bit more as I got some great feedback on my Spiderman vs Batman (with Yoda) decks at WebJam.

The key for me is to have fun, relax, geek-out with some coders & designers and look at ways in which Microsoft can contribute more to the overall community.

I love my job.