In Seattle, cold, tired and annoyed with Qantas.

Woohoo, just got into the hotel in Seattle and ready for an action packed week with Microsoft HQ (around stuff). I'll be jetting off on the weekend for VegasĀ  - MIX07!

It's cold in Seattle but I'm a Queenslander whom regards anything under 20 degrees Celsius as being cold so don't take my word on weather ever.

I managed to have an interesting flight, Michael sat behind me while I had some girl next to me whom decided my shoulder will do as a pillow (isle seat - don't got there as my booking wasn't linked to my Frequent Flyer number, resulting in random selection instead of preferred seating - I'm a window guy). I can't begin to tell you how many "polite" nudges I gave her to, find alternative arrangements (especially as the guy on the other side (window - grrr) was hitting on her at the start of the flight (there ya go sweety, go use his shoulder), could of made his day!). Then, as we are leaving, no "sorry" or "thankyou", kids today...

Then to top it off, Qantas onDemand failed (again). In both trips over to the states, Qantas onDemand has failed, so either I'm getting unlucky in flying or their system needs more attention. I'm wondering if MS allows alternative airlines to travel with, as 2/2 is my limit heh ( I can't recommend enough on how much fun it was to watch "Blood Diamond" on repeat though :) (PSP saved me though).

If you're reading this and are in Seattle as well, ping me offline, happy to go grab a bite with you :) (I've had my complaining now).