Is Wikipedia biased towards Silverlight?

Wikipedia's quote I'm getting my presentation together for Perth BarCamp tomorrow, and in my assembly of this awesome presentation I stumbled upon the Wikipedia for Silverlight.

It has the usual guff around what it is, where it come from and so on, but one thing that stood out was a section titled "Criticism"

This has turned into a bit of melting pot of "Hey give Microsoft a fair go", as the current "Criticism Section" basically is argued as having an undercurrent of "anti-Microsoft' to it. I must admit (even though obviously I am biased towards my employer) that there is an editorial element to this portion of the site. In that, it's citing bloggers such as Chris Duckett as reference points? (which is essentially a blog post).

Not only that, but there is criticism for not using SVG? I'm not quite sure what SVG has to do with Silverlight as if you're going to throw the SVG card in the ring over how XAML differs, then you may as well include Adobe's MXML and countless others.

It gets thicker with debate, as one contributor resigns over it with juicy quotes like this:

It's absolutely safe to say that no discussion with Harumphy will lead to a conclusion. Believing that Soum and I are Microsoft "PR flack" delivering nothing but "opinions" based only on the fact that we speak in defense of a Microsoft matter, he is in a state of denial, perhaps even paranoia if he really does believe we work for Microsoft.

I agree though with this Rei character, at the heart of it Harumphy appears to the be person with blinkers on.

Personally, I'd remove the Criticism section from not only Adobe Flash but also Silverlight as it all depends on ones perspective, not so much core facts. An example comes to mind "Digital Rights Management" for Flash, while some would argue it should have it - others would say it's not needed. Eye of the beholder.

One thing pisses me off, is this:

"Silverlight has been criticized for lack of Linux support - or indeed any platform other than Windows and Mac OS X, citing it as a factor that could limit the widespread adoption of Silverlight.."

Linux marketshare is less then 2% depending on whom you believe. Apple are obviously pushing to get more folks to adopt Mac OS X, Windows Vista and so on are selling well etc bottom line - this will have marginal impact on distribution and this for me was the red hearing that underlined the "stupidity" of this section. Linux would be a positive step forward, even at the low percentage uptake, but overall companies like Microsoft (countless others) typically need to ensure the mainstream are stablized before they branch out to others. As where do you stop? BeOS next? heh.