Jeff Prosise Goes Deep on Silverlight

Jeff ProsiseI was listening to the latest .NET Rocks Podcast and was glad that Jeff Prosise was deflecting some of the misconceptions around Silverlight.

In that as I was listening to the Interview I had a note pad open ready to simply fire off an email to debunk some of the opinions being made, yet Jeff was there with some great rebuttals.

Jeff does raise a point in which keeps me up at night (not really but you get the meaning). UX Designers are scarce and this problem isn't restricted to Microsoft but in RIA Development overall.

UX Platform Designers are something that we all need to actively encourage into RIA, as without them it will simply have a slow start. The faster we can educate and get these folks more involved at the early stages of RIA, the stronger we will be in the near future. It's something I've been actively working on here in Microsoft to establish some solutions around (especially in 2008).

If you're a Silverlight fan it's worth a listen while you work as Jeff really does a great job at evangelising Silverlight and discusses it's actual capabilities quite well.