Joel Pobar

I've only meet Joel twice now, first time was at my first preso gig for Microsoft (which I crashed and burned on) and second time was at BarCampSydney. Nick has put up a video intereview with Joel and had a pretty impressive chat.

I must admit, prior to joining Microsoft I had no idea whom this guy was or what he did for Microsoft - I'm still somewhat sketchy to be honest.

Yet, after reading his blog and hearing others speak about him - usually with the words "that guy has talent" or "that guy's a freakin genius", I can't but help agree ;) from initial meetings.

I know a handful of extremly smart developers, you know the one's I'm talking about where you meet them and go "damn it, this guy will own me in a dev-off should it ever occur". These types of developers typically sit back and absorb the whole picture around them, they are the generally the ones that are truely agnostic in their approach to things and aren't locked into one brand specific belief - generally they heckle it! ;)

I've not seen any indication that Joel's different and but can't help wonder further as to what the hell he is up to in Brisvegas as I'm sure he'll pop backup on Microsofts radar soon enough.

Great viewing Nick.